Theogony and Works and Days Character Descriptions

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Zeus - This is the all-powerful king of the gods who controls lightning and thunder.

Heracles - This person is a demi-god. He becomes the greatest of the Greek heroes by the use of his immense strength.

Hesiod - This person is the narrator of both "Theogony" and "Works and Days."

Muses - These people give singers as a gift to mankind in order to make men forget their sorrows.

Cronos - This person is the son of Heaven and Earth. He learns that he will be overcome by his own son.

Aphrodite - This person grows from the foam that appears in the sea.

Titans - These are the sons of Heaven alone. These men go to war with the Olympian gods.

Hera - This person is the daughter of Rhea. She raises many monsters, including Hydrea and the Nemean lion.

Styx - This person is...

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