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• Theogony

• Hesiod claims he learned his stories from the Muses.

• Hesiod explains the conception of the Muses. Zeus and Mnemosyne sleep together for nine nights and she conceives and bares nine daughters.

• Calliope is the most important of the Muses because she feeds dew to heaven-chosen princes.

• Singers on earth are a gift from Apollo and the Muses.

• Princes are the gifts of Zeus.

• Hesiod asks the Muses to tell how the Gods were created.
• Chaos comes first, then Earth, then Eros.

• Earth bares the Cyclopes who later give Zeus thunder.

• Heaven hates three of her sons and hides them in a secret place on Earth.

• Cronos comes to Earth's aid and helps murder Heaven.

• Cronos casts the members into the sea and a foam appears. Out of the foam, Aphrodite is formed.

• Medusa is born a mortal. She is killed when Perseus cuts her head off...

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