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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jules murder?
(a) A protester.
(b) A policeman.
(c) An African-American.
(d) A journalist.

2. What does Maureen want to do to Jim?
(a) Destroy his financial situation.
(b) Break up his family and marry him herself.
(c) Ruin his career so that she has less job competition.
(d) Ensure that he goes to jail for a crime he committed.

3. Where do Jules and Nadine go after becoming reacquainted?
(a) On vacation.
(b) To a restaurant.
(c) To Texas.
(d) To a hotel.

4. What has the visitor been doing for Maureen?
(a) Tutoring her in her college work.
(b) Trying to help her find a job.
(c) Helping to bring her out of her catatonic state.
(d) Loaning her money to get her out of her parents' house.

5. To what does Jules compare himself in Chapter 7 of the third book?
(a) A weed growing through the cracks in the sidewalk.
(b) A radio that can only play static.
(c) A toy that has run out of batteries.
(d) A flower that is past its prime.

6. Where does Maureen live, at the beginning of the third book?
(a) On her own.
(b) With Loretta.
(c) With her boyfriend.
(d) With Jules.

7. What happens as Nadine and Jules are walking together and making plans to meet again?
(a) Jules is hit by a drunk driver.
(b) Nadine is killed by a heart attack.
(c) Nadine's husband finds her and kills Jules.
(d) Nadine pulls a gun from her pocket and shoots Jules and herself.

8. After her marriage to Jim, why doesn't Maureen want any contact with her family?
(a) She is afraid of becoming involved with their criminal activities.
(b) She doesn't want Joe to know how poor her family is.
(c) Joe doesn't allow her to have any contact with them.
(d) She wants the part of her life she associates with them to be over.

9. Why does Jules avoid the gazes of the policemen on the streets?
(a) Out of habit.
(b) He is selling drugs for a living.
(c) He has a warrant for his arrest.
(d) The person whose car he stole saw and recognized him.

10. What is Maureen doing at the beginning of the third book?
(a) Working at the library.
(b) Writing a letter.
(c) Staring into her reflection in a mirror.
(d) Having a baby.

11. With whom is Jules living in Chapter 6 of the third book?
(a) Marcia and her son Tommy.
(b) Loretta.
(c) Vera.
(d) Nadine.

12. What is Jules trying to do in Chapter 7 of the second book?
(a) Get a job in Texas.
(b) Get a job in Michigan.
(c) Make his way from Texas back to Michigan.
(d) Get from Michigan down to Texas.

13. Who does Jules encounter after breaking the windows?
(a) A woman he recognizes from the newspaper.
(b) The boy who gave him the rifle.
(c) A policeman who had shot at him.
(d) A news reporter.

14. How do Jim and Maureen conduct their relationship?
(a) They try to keep it a secret, but fail.
(b) Openly.
(c) They date, but do not associate with one another in school.
(d) Secretly.

15. Why did Jim marry, and stay married?
(a) Ordinary reasons.
(b) His children.
(c) Love.
(d) Financial security.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the library mean to Maureen?

2. Where does Loretta see Jules when she gets out of the shelter?

3. Where does Maureen write her letters?

4. Why does Maureen want to get married?

5. How much time has passed between Maureen's year of catatonia, and the present time in Chapter 8 of the second book?

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