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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mort?
(a) Loretta's new husband.
(b) Jules's friend.
(c) The leader of a socialist group.
(d) Maureen's lover.

2. What does Jules end up doing for money in Chapter 7 of the second book?
(a) Prostituting himself.
(b) Selling his blood.
(c) Participating in a medical experiment.
(d) Selling his coin collection.

3. Why does Maureen want Jules to leave quickly when he visits?
(a) She is afraid of what her neighbors will think of Jules.
(b) She doesn't want the police to come to her house to find Jules.
(c) She doesn't want Joe to come home and find Jules there.
(d) She is afraid of Jules because she knows he is a murderer.

4. Upon whom is Maureen's character based?
(a) One of the author's students.
(b) A character in a movie.
(c) One of the author's family members.
(d) A character in another book.

5. Who is Miss Oates?
(a) Maureen's professor.
(b) Loretta's coworker.
(c) Jules's girlfriend.
(d) Betty's teacher.

6. Who is Jim?
(a) Loretta's new husband.
(b) Jules's best friend.
(c) Another of Maureen's professors.
(d) Maureen's boss.

7. Jules tries to establish a career for himself in what field?
(a) Appliance sales.
(b) Manufacturing.
(c) Automobile sales.
(d) Real estate.

8. Where do Jules and Loretta go every week, in Chapter 10 of the second book?
(a) The grocery store.
(b) The welfare office.
(c) The hospital.
(d) The library.

9. Who offers Jules a ride while he is meandering the streets?
(a) Loretta.
(b) Some kids from Kentucky.
(c) Vera and Marcia.
(d) Mort and his friends.

10. What about Jules bothers his girlfriend?
(a) His past, which he doesn't like to discuss.
(b) His flashbacks.
(c) His violent tendencies.
(d) His inability to commit to her.

11. Why does Jules avoid the gazes of the policemen on the streets?
(a) The person whose car he stole saw and recognized him.
(b) He is selling drugs for a living.
(c) Out of habit.
(d) He has a warrant for his arrest.

12. Where do Jules and Nadine go after becoming reacquainted?
(a) To a restaurant.
(b) On vacation.
(c) To a hotel.
(d) To Texas.

13. What happens as Nadine and Jules are walking together and making plans to meet again?
(a) Nadine pulls a gun from her pocket and shoots Jules and herself.
(b) Nadine is killed by a heart attack.
(c) Jules is hit by a drunk driver.
(d) Nadine's husband finds her and kills Jules.

14. Who is Vera?
(a) Loretta's youngest daughter.
(b) One of Mort's proteges.
(c) Maureen's friend.
(d) Mort's sister.

15. What prevents Nadine from committing fully to a relationship with Jules?
(a) Her parents.
(b) Her job.
(c) Her children.
(d) Her marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Vera feel about Jules?

2. What has the visitor been doing for Maureen?

3. What is Maureen doing at the beginning of the third book?

4. Who gives Jules a rifle on the street?

5. Why does Maureen want to get married?

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