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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mort want to rid himself of his money?
(a) So he can concentrate on helping people.
(b) He wants to give it to charity.
(c) He didn't work for it.
(d) He got it dishonestly.

2. Where does Jules see Nadine again, after their long separation following the ill-fated road trip?
(a) At the bank.
(b) At work.
(c) At a restaurant.
(d) Shopping for groceries.

3. What does Maureen do at the University of Detroit?
(a) Works as a secretary.
(b) Attends night school.
(c) Tutors high school students.
(d) Works as a janitor.

4. What has the visitor been doing for Maureen?
(a) Loaning her money to get her out of her parents' house.
(b) Trying to help her find a job.
(c) Helping to bring her out of her catatonic state.
(d) Tutoring her in her college work.

5. Why does Maureen want Jules to leave quickly when he visits?
(a) She doesn't want Joe to come home and find Jules there.
(b) She is afraid of Jules because she knows he is a murderer.
(c) She is afraid of what her neighbors will think of Jules.
(d) She doesn't want the police to come to her house to find Jules.

6. Which character is central in Chapter 7 of the second book?
(a) Betty.
(b) Maureen.
(c) Loretta.
(d) Jules.

7. What is Maureen doing at the beginning of the third book?
(a) Having a baby.
(b) Staring into her reflection in a mirror.
(c) Writing a letter.
(d) Working at the library.

8. At the novel's end, why is Jules moving?
(a) To start a new life with Nadine.
(b) To get away from his family.
(c) To avoid the police pursuing him.
(d) To continue his work with Mort.

9. What is Maureen beginning to be able to do in Chapter 7 of the second book?
(a) She is fully recovered.
(b) She can hear the voices and sounds in the house.
(c) She can walk and feed herself.
(d) She can read and write again.

10. After her marriage to Jim, why doesn't Maureen want any contact with her family?
(a) She wants the part of her life she associates with them to be over.
(b) She doesn't want Joe to know how poor her family is.
(c) Joe doesn't allow her to have any contact with them.
(d) She is afraid of becoming involved with their criminal activities.

11. What is the topic of Jules's interview with the news reporter?
(a) The necessity of the fires.
(b) The righteousness of his party's cause.
(c) His mother's homelessness due to the riots.
(d) His murder of a police officer.

12. Where is Maureen living at the end of the novel?
(a) Tulsa.
(b) Houston.
(c) Dearborn.
(d) Detroit.

13. Why did Jim marry, and stay married?
(a) Ordinary reasons.
(b) Love.
(c) Financial security.
(d) His children.

14. What happens to Jules as a result of his idea to make money?
(a) He contracts a serious infection.
(b) He is killed.
(c) His vision is severely and permanently impaired.
(d) He contracts a sexually transmitted disease.

15. What does Jules encourage Maureen to do when he visits her in Dearborn?
(a) To get involved with his party's activities.
(b) To leave town with him.
(c) To leave Joe and move back in with Loretta.
(d) To contact Loretta, or send her some money.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nadine feel about Jules when they reunite?

2. What does Loretta blame for the disconnect between herself and her children?

3. What does Vera suggest for a radical display?

4. How does Jules feel about himself after his near-death experience?

5. Jules breaks the windows to what type of business?

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