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Objective: Loretta is introduced in the first chapter, and the reader is given some information about her family life. The objective of this lesson is to discuss how the situation of Loretta's family will impact her development as a character.

1) In-class writing assignment: In one to two paragraphs, have the students answer the following questions: Describe Loretta's family. What is her father like? What about her brother? What happened to her mother?

2) In-class group work: Divide students into groups of three to four and have them discuss the following question: What effect has Loretta's family had on her development so far?

3) In-class discussion: Have students discuss the work they did in groups. In addition, have them discuss the following questions: What kind of a person is Loretta? How has her family life affected her? What effect might her lack of a mother figure have on Loretta's development...

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