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Brock Botsford - This character shoots his sister's boyfriend and kills him.

Pat Furlong - This character receives a four-month jail sentence for nearly beating someone to death.

Randolph Furlong - This character does not appear in the novel after his infancy, but is sometimes mentioned as being out on the streets.

Bernard Geffen - This character goes to an appointment, but his chauffeur finds him dead with his throat cut.

Nadine Greene - This character leaves her boyfriend, who is desperately ill, in a hotel room, and drives home.

Bernie Malin - This character is shot and killed by his lover's enraged older brother.

Marcia - This character has a four-year-old son, and is in a brief relationship with one of the main characters.

Joyce Carol Oates - This character is an instructor at the local college and receives letters from one of the main...

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