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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is stressed as important to the lottery all through the story?
(a) That everyone knows how the tradition began.
(b) That everyone does not need to be present.
(c) That it is a tradition that must be continued.
(d) That family is the least important thing in the village.

2. What sound is heard as the papers are opened?
(a) Nothing. It is very quiet.
(b) The women speaking all at once.
(c) A collective sigh.
(d) The school marching band.

3. What do some people think about discontinuing the lottery?
(a) Some people want to discontinue the lottery.
(b) Some people want to hold the lottery twice a year.
(c) Some people want to change the date of the lottery.
(d) Some people want to make the lottery grander.

4. What is Jackson's main theme in the story?
(a) The value of human life.
(b) The stupidity of blindly following tradition.
(c) The need for tradition in small towns.
(d) The need for change in a community.

5. What does Jackson suggest about civic prominence in the character of Mr. Summers.
(a) That wealth is the standard for importance.
(b) That everyone is equal regardless of wealth.
(c) That age is the criterion for civic leadership.
(d) That Summers has no real power in the village.

6. What does Mrs. Dunbar hold in her hands?
(a) A bag full of small stones.
(b) The Hutchinson baby.
(c) A slingshot.
(d) More moderate stones than Mrs. Delacroix.

7. What is Mr. Summers' position in the town?
(a) He is the town leader and owner of a coal business.
(b) He is the custodian of the town square.
(c) He is the superintendant of schools.
(d) He is the religious leader of the village.

8. What is the date of the lottery?
(a) April 1st
(b) February 2nd
(c) June 27th
(d) July 4th

9. What are the men doing before it is time for the lottery to begin?
(a) Standing together and talking about women.
(b) Standing in a group talking about tractors and rain.
(c) Standing together and talking politics.
(d) Standing in a group but not talking.

10. Who needs help from Mr. Graves to open his slip?
(a) All of the children.
(b) Little Dave Hutchinson.
(c) The youngest daughter.
(d) Tessie.

11. What is Jackson satirizing by having the children participate so willingly in the stoning?
(a) Bringing children up with adults' biases.
(b) Hansel and Gretle.
(c) Well behaved children.
(d) Parents who let their children run their lives.

12. What element of surprise does Jackson use in the story?
(a) That Tessie sacrifices herself for her children.
(b) That the community does not know what the
(c) That the government steps in and stops the lottery.
(d) Winning a lottery is usually a good thing and not something to dread.

13. Why does the lottery begin late in this village?
(a) Because there are so few people, the drawing only last a few hours.
(b) Because someone forgot to prepar the lottery slips of paper.
(c) Because they have trouble locating the lottery box.
(d) Because it took longer for the boys to find stones.

14. What finally happens with Tessie?
(a) She must dodge all the stones.
(b) She has to catch and throw back the stones.
(c) She has a heart attack and dies.
(d) All the villagers stone her to death.

15. Which stones are the most prized for use in the lottery?
(a) Hard, jagged ones.
(b) Shiny, decorative ones.
(c) Smooth, round ones.
(d) Heavy, flat ones.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the irony of Tessie Hutchinson drawing the black dot?

2. What is revealing about the social order of the village?

3. What does Mr. Summers do as soon as he is sworn in?

4. What is the traditional job of the village boys on Lottery Day?

5. Has there ever been any other breaks with tradition?

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