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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do they stop using the wood chips?
(a) They want to be more modern.
(b) Trees are getting scarce.
(c) People get splinters form the wood.
(d) The village population is growing.

2. How do they assemble when it is time to begin the ceremony?
(a) In double file lines.
(b) Crowding forward to try and be first to draw.
(c) Coming together in family groups.
(d) Making a huge circle in the town square.

3. Who will participate in the ritual?
(a) Only the men of the village.
(b) The women because Tessie is a woman.
(c) The children only because it is their holiday.
(d) All Tessie's friends, neighbors, and family members.

4. What sound is heard as the papers are opened?
(a) Nothing. It is very quiet.
(b) The school marching band.
(c) The women speaking all at once.
(d) A collective sigh.

5. How do most of the villagers appear to regard the lottery?
(a) They are confused about it.
(b) They hate it.
(c) They look forward to it.
(d) They do not like the suspense.

6. Why is everyone participating, even the Hutchinson children?
(a) Because it is a village activity.
(b) Because they will be jailed if they do not.
(c) Because they have nothing better to do.
(d) Because they are all hypnotized.

7. What is the irony of Tessie Hutchinson drawing the black dot?
(a) She drew the dot because she was late.
(b) She was the only one who protested the procedure.
(c) Dessenters are a threat to tradition and must be removed.
(d) Tessie did not know the tradition.

8. Who gets to go first in the second drawing?
(a) The oldest son draws first.
(b) Tessie insists on drawing first.
(c) Bill draws first.
(d) The three children draw first.

9. Where does Mrs. Hutchinson locate her husband and children?
(a) Off to one side of the group.
(b) In the middle of the group.
(c) At the end of the group.
(d) At the front of the group.

10. Old man Warner suggests that discontinuing the lottery would be doing what?
(a) Inviting strangers into the village.
(b) Taking the life out of the village.
(c) Shaming the ancestors.
(d) Going back to the Stone Age.

11. How many slips do the Hutchinson's take out of the box?
(a) Four. One for each the family members except the baby.
(b) Three. One for Bill, Tessie, and Bill, Jr.
(c) Five. One for each member of the family.
(d) Two. One for Bill and one for Tessie.

12. Which stones are the most prized for use in the lottery?
(a) Heavy, flat ones.
(b) Shiny, decorative ones.
(c) Smooth, round ones.
(d) Hard, jagged ones.

13. What explanation does the late comer give for being late?
(a) She had a cake in the oven.
(b) She forgot what day it is.
(c) She overslept.
(d) Her clock had stopped.

14. What does Mrs. Dunbar hold in her hands?
(a) A bag full of small stones.
(b) More moderate stones than Mrs. Delacroix.
(c) The Hutchinson baby.
(d) A slingshot.

15. What is the tone as the story begins?
(a) Dry like a newspaper article.
(b) An average day with overcast sky.
(c) Cheerful, bright, and colorful.
(d) Dreary and ominous.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is on Tessie Hutchinson's paper?

2. What are some villages rumored to be doing with their lottery?

3. What accusation does Tessie make to Joe Summers?

4. Which man holds the winning paper?

5. What does the village look like on the morning of the lottery?

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