The Lottery Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the kind of morning it is on the day of the lottery.

It is a beautiful, clear, sunny morning with flowers and green grass everywhere.

2. What does the setting of THE LOTTERY say about the citizens of the village.

There is a lot of civic pride in the village. Everything is neat and attractive and there is a community involvement atmosphere as everyone assembles for the lottery.

3. How do the children react to their school holiday?

At first they are a bit awed but soon get involved in running and playing on the village square.

4. What do the boys do to prepare for the lottery.

Without being told, they begin to collect stones. Some go into their pockets and others are stacked up on one corner of the square.

5. What time of the year is the lottery being held?

It is springtime, June 27th, when the villagers come together for the lottery.

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