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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Clyde Dunbar not draw for his family?
(a) He is on duty as fireman.
(b) He is at home with a broken leg.
(c) He is in the hospital.
(d) He is in the military.

2. Who is to draw for the Watson family?
(a) Mr. Summers.
(b) Mr. Watson's brother.
(c) Mrs. Watson.
(d) The tall Watson boy.

3. What does Tessie try to do before Bill draws for the family?
(a) Run home to change clothes.
(b) Stand where the newspaper photographer can get her photo.
(c) Find her three children to stand with their father.
(d) Include her daughter's family in the drawing.

4. What holiday is mentioned in the story that suggests this village is in America?
(a) Christmas.
(b) Groundhog Day.
(c) The 4th of July.
(d) Halloween.

5. What is the instruction given to the villagers about what to do after they have drawn?
(a) They are to show their papers to everyone.
(b) They are to look at their papers but not show anyone else.
(c) They are not to look at thier papers untill all have drawn.
(d) They are to register with Mr. Graves as having drawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is on each of the children's papers?

2. What are the women doing before the lottery?

3. What is Jackson's main theme in the story?

4. What finally happens with Tessie?

5. Has there ever been any other breaks with tradition?

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