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Watch the TV Show

In 1996 this short story was made into a film which was severely panned by critics and movie goers alike. It was done again in 2007 to much better reviews. See if you can find a copy of one or both of these films to watch in class.

Write and perform a Monologue (1)

Write and perform in class a monologue by either Bill Hutchinson or Tessie Hutchinson. The monologue will be about their thoughts on the night before the lottery.

Collect Jokes

Collect and bring to class some jokes that would be appropriate for the women to be telling on the town square before the lottery. Be sure the jokes are appropriate for the type of people described in the story.

Hold a Mock Lottery.

Have students draw slips of paper from a box. On signal, they open the papers. Take a short time for the...

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