The Lottery Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Mr. Adams - He seems to be one of the few who questions the lottery when he mentions that another village is thinking about giving up the ritual.

Mrs. Adams - She seems to be one of the few women of the village who questions the lottery. She tells Old Man Warner that "some places have already quit lotteries."

Mrs. Delacroix - She is among the most active participants when the result of the lottery begins, grabbing a stone so heavy she cannot lift it.

Mrs. Janey Dunbar - She is the one woman at the lottery who has to draw for her family because her husband is at home with a broken leg.

Mr. Graves - The village's postmaster and the second most powerful official in the community; he helps Joe Summers administer the lottery.

Mrs. Graves - One of the female villagers who seems to...

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