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What is 'Survival of the Fittest'?

While this term is often used in everyday conversation, do people really understand what it means? Have students research this theory in small groups and them discuss their findings with the class.

The Wedding Album

Have students create a four- or five-picture wedding album fro Jurgis and Ona. What was their wedding like?

The Advertisement for Homes/Furniture

Jurgis and his family are constantly swindled by businesses who want to take advantage of their inability to speak and understand English. Create an advertisement that Jurgis and his family might have seen in their time in Chicago.

Mapping Out Chicago

Have students create a map of Chicago as it must have been back in this time. Investigate where the stockyards would have been and highlight those areas.

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Have students investigate where their meats or other grocery items...

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