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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many workers are there to patrol the entire territory and keep it safe?
(a) 14
(b) 15
(c) 13
(d) 12

2. What does Daru do when he has trouble sleeping?
(a) Stares out the window
(b) Sits outside and looks at the stars
(c) Reads a book
(d) Lies on his couch and stares at the Arab

3. How long did Balducci tell Daru it took him and the Arab to make the trek to the schoolhouse in the snow?
(a) 1 1/2 hours
(b) 2 hours
(c) 1 hour
(d) 1/2 an hour

4. Where are the villages in relation to the schoolhouse?
(a) The schoolhouse is not near any villages
(b) Above the schoolhouse
(c) Beside the schoolhouse
(d) Beneath the schoolhouse

5. What does the Arab do with the things Daru offers him?
(a) Drops them
(b) Takes them
(c) Gives them back to Daru
(d) Refuses them

6. What surrounds Daru where he is now?
(a) Stones
(b) Many people
(c) Wheat fields
(d) Lots of water

7. Daru offers the Arab how much money?
(a) 2,000 francs
(b) 100 francs
(c) 200 francs
(d) 1,000 francs

8. Many of Daru's students are from what type of family?
(a) Monks
(b) Rich
(c) Poor
(d) Well-educated

9. What does the Arab say his cousin did?
(a) Left him behind
(b) Ran away
(c) Attacked his wife
(d) Hurt him

10. As Balducci prepares to leave, what does he want to do that Daru tells him not to bother doing?
(a) Handcuffing the Arab
(b) Making more tea
(c) Tying the Arab's hands
(d) Cleaning up the mess

11. What is Daru armed with in the schoolhouse?
(a) Handgun
(b) Knife
(c) Shotgun
(d) Rifle

12. What does Daru think he hears around the schoolhouse during the night?
(a) Animals
(b) Voices
(c) Footsteps
(d) Water running

13. Which direction did the two men head after they were finished with their rest?
(a) East
(b) South
(c) West
(d) North

14. Which direction does the Arab finally choose?
(a) Nomads
(b) Schoolhouse
(c) Home
(d) Prison

15. How long did the drought last before the blizzard began?
(a) 8 months
(b) 9 months
(c) 7 months
(d) 10 months

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Arab ask Daru if he is?

2. What is there talk of in the area, which requires Balducci to return right away?

3. Who did Daru offend?

4. What does Daru feel when the Arab coughs behind him?

5. What question does Daru ask the Arab before bed?

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