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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is there talk of in the area, which requires Balducci to return right away?
(a) An attack on the schoolhouse
(b) A revolt
(c) A murder
(d) A new blizzard

2. What does Daru see as he looks out over the two different directions?
(a) Sky on the horizons
(b) People
(c) Nomads
(d) The Arab

3. What does the Arab ask Daru if he is?
(a) The jury
(b) The warden
(c) The police
(d) The judge

4. How long did people hide the Arab?
(a) One month
(b) One day
(c) One year
(d) One week

5. Where are the villages in relation to the schoolhouse?
(a) Beneath the schoolhouse
(b) Beside the schoolhouse
(c) Above the schoolhouse
(d) The schoolhouse is not near any villages

6. Who is considered the protagonist of this story?
(a) Balducci
(b) Arab
(c) El Ameur
(d) Daru

7. When Daru looks back at the Arab the first time, what does he see?
(a) The Arab walking toward the Nomads
(b) The Arab walking toward Tinguit
(c) Nothing
(d) The Arab standing still

8. What does Daru do while the Arab washes up?
(a) Loads his guns with ammunition
(b) Tidies up his bedroom
(c) Reads
(d) Washes the dishes

9. What does Daru think he hears around the schoolhouse during the night?
(a) Footsteps
(b) Animals
(c) Water running
(d) Voices

10. Where in that city is the Arab to be taken?
(a) A family's home
(b) Another schoolhouse
(c) His cousins
(d) Police headquarters

11. How long did Balducci tell Daru it took him and the Arab to make the trek to the schoolhouse in the snow?
(a) 2 hours
(b) 1 hour
(c) 1/2 an hour
(d) 1 1/2 hours

12. In what month does this story begin?
(a) November
(b) September
(c) October
(d) December

13. What lies in the eastern direction when the plateau slopes?
(a) Low plain with a few trees
(b) Outcropping of rocks and a chaotic looking landscape
(c) Tinguit itself
(d) The schoolhouse

14. What position does Daru hold?
(a) Student
(b) Farmer
(c) Policeman
(d) Schoolmaster

15. What weather event has just occurred at the beginning of the story?
(a) A three-year flood
(b) A three-day rainstorm
(c) A three-day blizzard
(d) A three-year drought

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the words on the blackboard say?

2. How far of a walk would it be to reach the Nomads?

3. How long did the drought last before the blizzard began?

4. What did Daru tell Balducci he would deny?

5. What is the weather like when the two men wake up in the morning?

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