The Guest Daily Lesson Calendar

This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 82 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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  • Review Chapter Abstracts: Chapter abstracts are synopses of each chapter that you can use to review the reading assignments with your students.
  • Daily Lessons: There are 1 daily lessons detailed in this lesson plan. Select a new daily lesson for each day.
  • Fun Activities: There are 1 fun activities in this lesson plan. They serve as a way for students to interact with the material in an enjoyable, educational way.
  • Read Aloud in Class: Ask students to take turns reading aloud from where they left off in their most recent reading assignment. Use the Oral Reading Evaluation Form in this lesson plan to evaluate their reading skills.
  • In-Class Handout: An in-class handout can be one of the quizzes/homework assignments, vocabulary games, worksheets, or an essay/writing assignment. It's something the students can complete and turn in during class, or begin in-class and take home to finish as a homework assignment.

One Week Lesson Calendar

Before the unit begins:

  • Homework Assignment: Read through Summary
Day 1 - Introduce Unit Day 2 - Review Unit Day 3 - Quiz Day 4 - Review Unit Day 5 - Test

Review Chapter Abstracts up to Summary

Daily Lesson 1

Fun Activity 1

Students Read Aloud in Class

1 In-Class Handout

Homework Assignment: Read through Analysis and choose a homework assignment from one of the Daily Lessons

Review Chapter Abstracts up to Analysis


1 In-Class Handout

Homework Assignment: Assign an essay, due the week following the test

1 In-Class Handout

Homework Assignment: Study for the test


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