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• Daru is a schoolmaster in a remote desert school. He sees two people approaching his school after a blizzard.

• The two people are a French National policeman and an Arab.

• The policeman tells Daru he has been ordered to take the Arab to the next city's police station before the next night.

• Daru does not want to take the Arab to the police station.

• Daru feeds the Arab and makes him some food before they both have a restless night's sleep in the schoolhouse.

• Daru and the Arab dress and pack for the trek to the police station.

• At a split in the road, Daru provides the Arab with two choices: go live with a group of nomads who will protect him or to go to the town where the police are waiting for him.

• The Arab seems confused and as Daru makes his way back to...

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