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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jonas feel now as a result of his knowledge of the former Receiver and her failure?
(a) Confidence.
(b) Thrill.
(c) Pressure.
(d) Elation.

2. What memory does Jonas transfer to Gabriel as they travel?
(a) The memory of sunshine.
(b) The memory of silence and calm.
(c) The memory of deep exhaustion.
(d) The memory of laughter.

3. What does the Giver beg Jonas to do when Jonas walks into the Annex to see him in Chapter 15?
(a) Take some of the pain away.
(b) Go for a walk outside.
(c) Leave the community.
(d) Leave his family.

4. What memory does the Giver first give to Jonas to ease his heavy load?
(a) The memory of his spouse.
(b) The memory of the apple.
(c) The memory of a sunburn.
(d) The sled memory.

5. What happens to the landscape as Jonas rides upon it in Chapter 22?
(a) Tt changes and becomes difficult to ride on.
(b) It turns into vivid colors.
(c) It rains and the roads became slippery.
(d) It snows and Jonas cannot see.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do parents move to after their children have grown up?

2. In what position does Jonas find The Giver in many times?

3. What action of defiance does Jonas take after he lies to his parents about understanding the word "love"?

4. What is the announcement from the Speaker regarding school that brings joy to the students?

5. What is the first color Jonas is beginning to see?

Short Essay Questions

1. What memory does the Giver give to Jonas in Chapter 15 that takes away some of The Giver's pain?

2. Does The Giver ever wish to be released? Explain.

3. Why did the Elders remove colors from the community?

4. What happens to Fiona's hair as Jonas and Fiona travel to the House of Old in Chapter 12?

5. What are the other children doing as Jonas and Asher are playing in the field on their day off from school?

6. What happens to Jonas and Gabriel as the road becomes more difficult to ride upon?

7. Jonas and Gabriel began to get hungry on their journey. How does Jonas alleviate this feeling, and is it successful?

8. What memory does The Giver give to Jonas to help him understand color?

9. What happens as a result of Jonas receiving the memory of war?

10. What will happens to the identical twins?

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