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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What memory does the Giver give Jonas, which males him wake with stinging skin?
(a) Skinned knee.
(b) Sunburn.
(c) Rash.
(d) Chapped skin.

2. What feeling best describes Jonas as the Ceremony of Twelves approaches?
(a) Nervous.
(b) Indifferent.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Happy.

3. What must Gabriel must be labeled in order to be released from the community?
(a) Inadequate.
(b) Ignorant.
(c) Obsolete.
(d) Ugly.

4. What does the crowd do to show their acceptance of the Chief Elder's final decision regarding Jonas's assignment?
(a) They dance.
(b) They chant his name.
(c) They sing.
(d) They cheer loudly.

5. Birthmothers do not get to see the newchildren. Where does Mother thinks Lily should volunteer in order to be around the children?
(a) The Department of Justice.
(b) The Birthing Center.
(c) The Nurturing Center.
(d) The Hatchery.

Short Answer Questions

1. On the first day of training, Jonas rides to the House of Old with which character?

2. What remedy is used to treat Jonas's new feelings from his dream in Chapter 5?

3. What will Jonas have to do because he is late for class in Chapter 5?

4. What is the name of the infant that Father is concerned is not thriving?

5. What happens to the audience when Jonas looks out upon them?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do families in the community share in the new morning?

2. What is the significance of the Ceremony of Nine?

3. What happened to the old Receiver?

4. What does Jonas's Mother give to Jonas to help with the 'Stirrings'? What happens as a result?

5. What kind of volunteer work does Jonas do once he reaches the House of the Old?

6. The Giver gives Jonas a painful memory after the first memory of snow. What is the painful memory?

7. What does Jonas learn from Larissa at the House of the Old?

8. In Chapter 3, what object does Jonas take home and examine and why?

9. What happens at the Ceremony of Twelve?

10. Why does Lily's mother reprimand her for wanting to become a Birthmother?

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