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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Information, including volunteer hours, is all housed in this building:
(a) The House of the Old.
(b) The Nurturing Center.
(c) The Department of Justice.
(d) The Hall of Open Records.

2. What assignment does Lily think sounds like a luxury, a thought for which her mother reprimands her?
(a) Elders.
(b) Birthmother.
(c) Laborers.
(d) Nurturer.

3. Jonas casually picks up what object from a bucket where the snacks are kept?
(a) An orange.
(b) A banana.
(c) A baseball.
(d) An apple.

4. Which character does not talk to Jonas after the Ceremony?
(a) Lily.
(b) Asher.
(c) Mother.
(d) Father.

5. Who is Larissa?
(a) A friend of Fionas from school.
(b) Lily's cousin.
(c) Asher's sister.
(d) A woman in the House of Old.

6. Why might Gabriel be released?
(a) The family cannot have three children.
(b) Lily does not want another brother.
(c) Gabriel cries too often.
(d) He does not sleep through the night.

7. What is Gabriel labeled at the Ceremony of Ones?
(a) Undervalued.
(b) Unattainable.
(c) Uncertain.
(d) Misunderstood.

8. What does the Receiver ask Jonas to refer to him as?
(a) The Beloved.
(b) The Giver.
(c) The Hopeful.
(d) The Receiver.

9. What assignment is Asher was given?
(a) Fish Hatchery Director of Personnel.
(b) Director of the Childcare Center.
(c) Assistant Director of Recreation.
(d) Assistant Director of the Department of Justice.

10. What can Jonas do now that he is exempt from rudeness?
(a) Question authority.
(b) Ask any question of any citizen and receive answers.
(c) Say exactly what he wants.
(d) Disobey rules.

11. Jonas says he feels frightened in the beginning of the novel, then he changes his mind and replaces the name of his feeling with what word?
(a) Trepidation.
(b) Peril.
(c) Fear.
(d) Apprehension.

12. After Jonas is skipped over, which character receives an assignment as Jonas sits silently hunched in his chair?
(a) Fiona.
(b) Lily.
(c) Pierre.
(d) Asher.

13. What assignment does Madeline receive, which Jonas is glad he did not?
(a) Food Production.
(b) Birthmother.
(c) Nurturer.
(d) Fish Hatchery Attendent.

14. In which Ceremony are children named?
(a) The Ceremony of Tens.
(b) The Birth Ceremony.
(c) The Ceremony of Ones.
(d) The Name Ceremony.

15. Birthmothers do not get to see the newchildren. Where does Mother thinks Lily should volunteer in order to be around the children?
(a) The Department of Justice.
(b) The Nurturing Center.
(c) The Hatchery.
(d) The Birthing Center.

Short Answer Questions

1. Seven's see the first sign of independence when they are given what article of clothing?

2. How long does Jonas have to take the pill?

3. What rule is NOT taken seriously?

4. Who has the final say in changing a rule?

5. In what month does the Ceremony of Twelve take place?

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