The Giver Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Jonas anticipating as the novel opens and why?

As the novel opens, Jonas is anticipating the Ceremony of Twelve. It is an event that is rite of passage for the community.

2. What ritual is Jonas's family participating in as the novel opens?

Jonas's family is participating in the ritual telling of feelings at the evening meal. Each member of the family is describing where and when they felt anger, frustration, or worry.

3. What event from a year ago does Jonas remember that brings back feelings of fear?

Jonas remembers seeing a single-pilot jet pass overhead instead of the regular cargo plane. The community members hid out of fear. The pilot was released due to his mistake.

4. Describe Jonas's family.

Jonas is part of a family of two males and two females. There is a Father, a Mother, and a sister named Lily.

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