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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event does Jonas watch take place right before his eyes during the memory of war?
(a) Two riflemen kill each other in unison.
(b) A bomb explodes.
(c) A long journey through a forest.
(d) A boy his age dies right next to him.

2. What assignment does Madeline receive, which Jonas is glad he did not?
(a) Birthmother.
(b) Nurturer.
(c) Fish Hatchery Attendent.
(d) Food Production.

3. Who has the final say in changing a rule?
(a) The Laborers.
(b) The Nurturer.
(c) The Receiver.
(d) The Elders.

4. What question does Jonas ask his parent, who replied with amusement and chastise him for inappropriate use of words?
(a) Are you proud of me?
(b) Do you approve of my new job?
(c) Do you understand why I am different?
(d) Do you love me?

5. In The Matching of Spouses, which of the following is NOT considered a deciding factor?
(a) Height.
(b) Disposition.
(c) Interest.
(d) Intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why might Gabriel be released?

2. After the Ceremony of Twelves, what characteristic no longer matters?

3. Which instruction impresses Jonas the most?

4. Birthmothers do not get to see the newchildren. Where does Mother thinks Lily should volunteer in order to be around the children?

5. Who is Larissa?

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