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Lesson 1

Objective: Jonas is facing an unknown future. He is experiencing a feeling of fear, which he later translates into apprehension. Feelings are very powerful and learning how to manage feelings is an essential skill. The objective of the lesson is to discover how feelings are interpreted and how to best prepare for moments of uncertainty.

1) Ask students to write down the word "apprehension" and define it using a dictionary. Find two synonyms. Then, have students define "apprehension" using their own words.

2) Next, have each student in class write a paragraph about a situation/experience where they felt apprehension. Maybe it was before a big game, or a performance, or simply learning a new skill.

3) Class Discussion: What does Jonas's apprehension tell us about his character and about his position in the community? Does it represent his need to be accepted? What do you think might happen if...

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