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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose purity is referred to in the Prologue?

2. How did Puff's former way of making his living cause him to feel?

3. What does Plagiary say about Sneer in an aside?

4. What does Puff express joy at in extravagant language?

5. Whose language obscures who he truly is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Sneer and Dangle tell Plagiary about an imaginary critique of his play?

2. After the love scene finishes, what does Puff congratulate himself on?

3. Describe the scene that is first enacted in Act 3, Scene 1.

4. How does Dangle defend himself during his argument with his wife?

5. How does Plagiary react to the imaginary critique of his play?

6. During and after the scene about the orphan, what does Puff say about this scene?

7. When the curtain rises in Act 3, Scene 1, what is revealed and what does Puff say?

8. How do Dangle and Sneer react to the scene about the orphan?

9. What does Puff talk about at great length?

10. What happens directly after Puff arrives?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how Mr. Dangle comes to characterize a sentimental romance as a tragedy. What makes this style a tragedy during this time?

Essay Topic 2

How are the different symbols used throughout the play to represent abstract concepts? Detail and explain how the symbols are used to describe certain abstract concepts and which concepts they describe.

Essay Topic 3

Do you agree with Shakespeare's theory about actors being "the abstract and brief chronicles of the times"? Do you agree with Puff's interpretation of the theory being applied to plays? Why or why not?

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