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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Mrs. Dangle claim her husband makes himself look ridiculous?
(a) His hairpiece.
(b) His lack of style.
(c) His womanizing.
(d) His passion for theatre.

2. Who claims that the theatre's deterioration results from the audience?
(a) Plagiary.
(b) Puff.
(c) Sneer.
(d) Dangle.

3. When Puff changes his way of making a living, what does he turn to?
(a) His training as a carriage driver.
(b) His training as a chef.
(c) His talents for word usage and manipulation.
(d) His talents in acting and theatrics.

4. Why does Puff object to Sneer's request at first?
(a) He never objects to Sneer's request.
(b) He is not producing a play.
(c) He does not want to be known as the author.
(d) He does not like Sneer.

5. What does Sneer explain that the writer of his moralistic comedy about a reformed housebreaker is determined to use the theatre for?
(a) To create a new art form.
(b) To make a lot of money.
(c) To reunite with his parents.
(d) To challenge and change the law.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comments that Plagiary's humility is false?

2. Who praises Puff's cleverness in making a living at puffing?

3. What does Plagiary claim about incident in his play?

4. Who does Dangle say can give Plagiary good criticism if he wants it?

5. After Puff's lengthy speech on puffing, what does Sneer claim that he recognizes the importance of?

Short Essay Questions

1. How are Dangle's thoughts and actions hypocritical upon Sneer's arrival?

2. What does Puff use his argument as?

3. How is language defined in Act 1, Scene 2?

4. What do Dangle, Sneer, and Plagiary discuss in terms of the incidents in Plagiary's play?

5. According to Puff, what is the meaning of the man who appears, shakes his head, and exits in silence?

6. What hope does Sneer express concerning Puff's play?

7. How does Puff react to the prompter's warning?

8. How does Plagiary react to the imaginary critique of his play?

9. Describe the beginning of Dangle and Sneer's conversation regarding Sneer's plays.

10. What two opinions does Mrs. Dangle give of Plagiary's play?

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