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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Plagiary asks if Dangle and Sneer like his play, what does Sneer say?
(a) That he did not read it.
(b) That he used it in his fire.
(c) That he loves it.
(d) That he hates it.

2. When does the Servant announce Puff's arrival?
(a) Before the musicians start playing.
(b) When Dangle enters the room.
(c) As Puff enters the room.
(d) After the musicians finish playing.

3. Whose ideas are as empty as his words?
(a) Sneer's.
(b) Dangle's.
(c) Plagiary's.
(d) Puff's.

4. Who praises Puff's cleverness in making a living at puffing?
(a) Sneer.
(b) Plagiary.
(c) Puff.
(d) Dangle.

5. How does Plagiary respond to the offer to help him send his play to producers?
(a) He accepts the offer.
(b) He says he has already sent it out.
(c) He does not intend to send his play to producers.
(d) He refuses the offer because he does not trust it.

6. What happened when Puff pleaded for charity?
(a) He never pleaded for charity.
(b) He made a lot of money.
(c) He was arrested.
(d) He lost money.

7. When Dangle complains about being taken advantage of, what does Sneer remind him?
(a) That he is not able to do anything anyway.
(b) That he is not being taken advantage of.
(c) That he volunteered.
(d) That he enjoys being in the middle of things.

8. What is the slang term for Puff's profession?
(a) Puffing.
(b) None of the answers is correct.
(c) Scribbling.
(d) Dangling.

9. Who announces Sneer's arrival?
(a) Mrs. Dangle.
(b) A servant.
(c) The chauffeur.
(d) Sneer.

10. What is Puff a professional at doing?
(a) Writing plays.
(b) Improving the words and writings of others.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Acting in tragedies.

11. What does Sneer say about Plagiary's play that he has read?
(a) How wonderful it was.
(b) How awful it is.
(c) That Sneer wants to produce it.
(d) That Plagiary should write a sequel.

12. Why does Dangle tell Plagiary that Sneer never means what he says?
(a) To prevent an argument.
(b) Because it is true.
(c) To anger Sneer.
(d) To be funny.

13. What claim does Dangle make in defense of the theatre?
(a) It is fun to watch.
(b) It is important because it reveals the values of the time and its people.
(c) It is important because it shows real life.
(d) It is tiresome and exhausting.

14. Who says that abuse is always going to appear from somewhere?
(a) Puff.
(b) Sneer.
(c) Dangle.
(d) Plagiary.

15. Who has a problem understanding the Italian musicians and the Interpreter?
(a) Sneer.
(b) Puff.
(c) Dangle.
(d) Mrs. Dangle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who asks Plagiary whether he sent his play to any producers?

2. What does Plagiary claim is mere vanity?

3. Who does Puff invite to the last rehearsal of his play?

4. To what does Sneer compare the modesty of audiences?

5. Who tells Puff that his identity has already been published?

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