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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the driving force of this play?
(a) The frustrations of an uninspired playwright.
(b) Pretensions of people who think they know more than they do.
(c) The love between a man and a woman.
(d) The friendship between two married couples.

2. What does Puff list examples of?
(a) The friends he has.
(b) The writers that are not good.
(c) The different ways in which puffing is used.
(d) The plays that he has written.

3. What claim does Dangle make in defense of the theatre?
(a) It is important because it shows real life.
(b) It is tiresome and exhausting.
(c) It is fun to watch.
(d) It is important because it reveals the values of the time and its people.

4. Whom does Mrs. Dangle say laughs at her husband behind his back?
(a) Plagiary.
(b) Theatre people and non-theatre people alike.
(c) Sneer.
(d) Everyone that they know.

5. What does Sneer say about Plagiary's play that he has read?
(a) How wonderful it was.
(b) That Sneer wants to produce it.
(c) How awful it is.
(d) That Plagiary should write a sequel.

6. Who says more incidents are needed in the fifth act of Plagiary's play?
(a) Dangle.
(b) Mrs. Dangle.
(c) Sneer.
(d) Puff.

7. Who says that abuse is always going to appear from somewhere?
(a) Plagiary.
(b) Dangle.
(c) Sneer.
(d) Puff.

8. Why does Dangle tell Plagiary that Sneer never means what he says?
(a) Because it is true.
(b) To prevent an argument.
(c) To anger Sneer.
(d) To be funny.

9. When Plagiary arrives, what do Dangle and Sneer tell him?
(a) How much they like his play.
(b) How much they want to see Puff's new play.
(c) How tired they are.
(d) How much they hate his play.

10. Who suggests that the musicians should just do what they came for and play their music?
(a) Puff.
(b) Plagiary.
(c) Sneer.
(d) Dangle.

11. Who worries that they have been too hard on Plagiary?
(a) Plagiary.
(b) Sneer.
(c) Dangle.
(d) Puff.

12. Who praises Puff's cleverness in making a living at puffing?
(a) Plagiary.
(b) Dangle.
(c) Puff.
(d) Sneer.

13. Whom does Puff agree to let attend his rehearsal?
(a) Dangle.
(b) Puff.
(c) Plagiary.
(d) Sneer.

14. What does Sneer say the critic wrote about Plagiary?
(a) That Plagiary is completely uninventive.
(b) That Plagiary should be paid more.
(c) That Plagiary is a very good writer.
(d) That Plagiary should stop writing.

15. What is Dangle's only interest?
(a) His wife.
(b) Writing.
(c) Artwork.
(d) Theatre.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Puff express joy at in extravagant language?

2. Why does Mrs. Dangle claim that Plagiary is a favorite of hers?

3. What is the slang term for Puff's profession?

4. Who comments that Plagiary's humility is false?

5. Where does Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1 begin?

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