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Objective: The Prologue contains references to how the purity of the Muses has been corrupted by the desire to please artistic critics. The Prologue even chides the Muses for giving in to the demands of the critics. This reference to the Muses, the Greek goddesses of the arts and science, is known as an allusion, and the focus of this lesson will be on the use of allusion within literature.

1. Allusion: Explain allusion to the class. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using allusions within a literary body? How does the use of allusion affect the audience, especially when the literary work is a play such as in this instance? What allusions are present in "The Critic"? How are they used to enhance the play?

2. Class Discussion: How does "The Critic" mention the Greek Muses? How does this add to the story? How does it detract...

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