The Critic Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Lord Burleigh - This character is the Lord Treasurer and chief minister under Queen Elizabeth I in "The Spanish Armada".

Mr. Dangle - This character is the critic of the play's title.

Mrs. Dangle - This character finds their spouse's devotion to the theatre childish and confounding.

The Earl of Leicester - This character in "The Spanish Armada" is the Commander-in-Chief of the military and a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Governor of Tilbury Fort - This character in "The Spanish Armada" is the officer in command of Tilbury Fort.

Sir Christopher Hatton - This character appears in "The Spanish Armada" as Lord Chancellor.

Sir Fretful Plagiary - This character is a playwright whose work is dismissed universally as uninspired.

Mr. Puff - This character is the playwright who composed "The Spanish Armada".

Sir Walter Raleigh - This character in "The Spanish Armada" is a soldier...

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