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Act 1, Scene 1, Part 1

• The prologue of the play refers to how the purity of the Muses has been corrupted by the desire to please artistic critics and even claims that the author wrote the play to chide the Muses for yielding to the critics' demands.

• As Mr. and Mrs. Dangle sit at breakfast, Dangle grows very excited when he reads a newspaper article about Mr. Puff's new play, but when Mrs. Dangle complains that her husband's passion for the theatre makes him look ridiculous, a debate ensues about the importance of the theatre.

• When Sneer, whom Dangle dislikes but greets as though they are great friends, arrives, Dangle suggests going to see the first performance of Puff's play together.

• After Sneer shows Dangle the two plays that he has written and wants Dangle to give to his producer friends, Dangle and Sneer discuss the deterioration of the theatre...

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