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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esther tell Frankie her name is?
(a) Elly Higginbottom
(b) Esther Greenwood
(c) Doreen
(d) Elly Greenwood

2. Why does Mr. Manzi like Esther so much?
(a) She always earns A's in his courses.
(b) She asks interesting questions during his lectures.
(c) He believes she has the skills and talent to be a successful science major.
(d) He believes she has a purely intellectual interest in science.

3. Why doesn't Esther want her picture taken for the magazine?
(a) She is about to begin crying.
(b) She doesn't like the way they styled her hair.
(c) She feels insulted by Jay Cee.
(d) She doesn't like the paper rose that Jay Cee gave her to hold.

4. What does Esther resolve to do during her summer at home?
(a) Gain life experience
(b) Take a summer course
(c) Break up with Buddy
(d) Write a novel

5. What does Mrs. Mole do that makes the nurses put her in her room for dinner?
(a) She insults the food service person.
(b) She complains about the food that is served that day.
(c) She slaps her thighs and yells at the doctors.
(d) She dumps all of the green beans on her plate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marco give Esther?

2. What surprises Esther about the English program at her mother's college?

3. Why does Doreen vomit on the carpet of the hotel hallway?

4. What grade does Esther earn in her physics class?

5. What does Esther do to let Constantin know she is interested in having sex with him?

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