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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom does Esther ride back to the Amazon after leaving the movie premiere?
(a) Betsy
(b) Jay Cee
(c) Emily Ann
(d) Doreen

2. What does Esther do to let Constantin know she is interested in having sex with him?
(a) She undresses.
(b) She kisses him.
(c) She tells him she would like to have sex with him.
(d) She lays down on his bed.

3. What sorts of foods does Esther say she likes the best?
(a) Rich creamy foods that feature butter and cheese.
(b) Any dish that has caviar in it.
(c) French fries, cheeseburgers and frappes from Howard Johnson's.
(d) Any dish with avocado in it.

4. What does Esther notice about the people outside of the hospital?
(a) They are hardly moving.
(b) They have blank looks on their faces.
(c) They all look sick.
(d) They look like they do not belong at the hospital.

5. Other than tabloid magazines, what type of books is Esther able to read?
(a) Poetry
(b) A book of short stories
(c) James Joyce's novels
(d) Abnormal psychology texts

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Jody set Esther up on a blind date with?

2. What course does Esther convince her college dean to exempt her from taking?

3. Why doesn't Esther want her picture taken for the magazine?

4. Why is Buddy eager for Esther to read the poem "Florida Dawn"?

5. Who helped foster Esther's appreciation for fine food?

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