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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lenny Shepherd famous for?
(a) He is popular dancer.
(b) He is the owner of a popular bar.
(c) He is a popular actor.
(d) He is a popular disc jockey.

2. Why is Buddy eager for Esther to read the poem "Florida Dawn"?
(a) He believes it is the next great masterpiece of American poetry.
(b) He wrote it.
(c) His father wrote it.
(d) He thinks she will enjoy it.

3. What does Esther think may have caused Buddy's TB?
(a) His dishonesty
(b) His insensitivity to her feelings
(c) His unwillingness to wear gloves when examining patients
(d) His compromised immune system

4. What does Esther do to help herself feel better after the botched night with Doreen and Lenny?
(a) She calls her mother for moral support.
(b) She smokes a cigarette.
(c) She has a drink.
(d) She takes a hot bath.

5. What treasure does Esther take with her to solitary confinement?
(a) A mirror
(b) A ball of mercury
(c) A letter from Buddy
(d) A book of poetry

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marco remind Esther of?

2. What wakes Esther up later in the night?

3. Why does Esther like Doreen?

4. Why does Esther trade her robe to Betsy for a skirt and shirt?

5. Who is missing from the Ladies' Day luncheon?

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