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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Buddy and Esther go after the Yale Junior Prom?
(a) To a hill behind the chemistry lab
(b) To Buddy's fraternity house
(c) Back to Esther's college
(d) To a bar

2. What is Esther's opinion of the movie she and the other girls are invited to see?
(a) She is drawn in by the romantic plot line.
(b) She thinks it is over the top and trite.
(c) She is entranced by the Technicolor technology.
(d) She is annoyed by the costumes.

3. What does Esther do to help herself feel better after the botched night with Doreen and Lenny?
(a) She smokes a cigarette.
(b) She calls her mother for moral support.
(c) She takes a hot bath.
(d) She has a drink.

4. What does Esther tell Frankie her name is?
(a) Esther Greenwood
(b) Elly Greenwood
(c) Doreen
(d) Elly Higginbottom

5. Who helped foster Esther's appreciation for fine food?
(a) Doreen
(b) Her grandfather
(c) Her grandmother
(d) Her mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What national event is Esther concerned with as the book opens?

2. Why does Buddy ask Esther whether she'd like to live in the city or the country?

3. Why won't Esther let Doreen come into her room when she returns from Lenny's?

4. Why does Esther think that Mr. Willard is telling her that he and his wife had always wanted a daughter?

5. Which of the following does NOT adorn the waiting room at the sanatorium?

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