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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esther do to prevent Marco from raping her?
(a) She punches him in the stomach.
(b) She calls for Doreen.
(c) She punches him in the nose.
(d) She stabs him with his diamond pin.

2. What trait does Buddy have that Esther thinks would make him a good teacher?
(a) He is very knowledgeable about biology.
(b) He is always trying to explain things to Esther.
(c) He has a keen interest in learning.
(d) His father was a teacher.

3. How does Buddy characterize poetry?
(a) He sees them as capturing all the beauty there is in the world.
(b) He calls them worthless pieces of junk.
(c) He calls poems pieces of dust.
(d) He likens them to the cadavers he dissects in medical school.

4. What sorts of foods does Esther say she likes the best?
(a) Any dish with avocado in it.
(b) Any dish that has caviar in it.
(c) French fries, cheeseburgers and frappes from Howard Johnson's.
(d) Rich creamy foods that feature butter and cheese.

5. Why does Esther hope she will be paired up with Lenny instead of Frankie?
(a) Lenny is much more attractive than Frankie.
(b) Lenny is more charismatic than Frankie.
(c) Like Esther, Lenny is tall while Frankie is short.
(d) Like Esther, Lenny is short while Frankie is tall.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Esther order vodka at the bar?

2. Who is the only man that Esther ever considered losing her virginity to?

3. What does Buddy take Esther to do while she is visiting him at the sanatorium?

4. What is the first thing that Esther notices about Marco?

5. Who is Esther "cursed" to have had to eat breakfast with in the hotel cafeteria?

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