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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What grade does Esther earn in her physics class?
(a) B
(b) A
(c) C
(d) F

2. How does Ladies' Day determine what causes the girls' sickness?
(a) They test the contents of one of the girl's stomachs after it is pumped.
(b) They test the leftover food from the luncheon.
(c) They test the ingredients used to make the lunch.
(d) They test vomit collected by the Amazon staff.

3. What is Esther's opinion of the movie she and the other girls are invited to see?
(a) She is entranced by the Technicolor technology.
(b) She thinks it is over the top and trite.
(c) She is drawn in by the romantic plot line.
(d) She is annoyed by the costumes.

4. What keeps Esther from losing her virginity to Constantin?
(a) She decides that she would rather wait until she is married.
(b) Constantin refuses to have sex with her.
(c) They fall asleep.
(d) She receives a phone call and must leave his apartment.

5. Where do Buddy and Esther go after the Yale Junior Prom?
(a) To a bar
(b) Back to Esther's college
(c) To Buddy's fraternity house
(d) To a hill behind the chemistry lab

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Esther do while Mr. Manzi is lecturing in chemistry class?

2. At what age does Esther say she stopped being "purely happy"?

3. Why does Esther hope she will be paired up with Lenny instead of Frankie?

4. Doreen tells Lenny she will go to his apartment only if---

5. When does Esther say she found out Buddy was a hypocrite?

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