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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Esther order vodka at the bar?
(a) She saw it in an ad and was attracted to its purity.
(b) She wants to get drunk as quickly as possible.
(c) She thinks it will convince Lenny and Frankie that she is older than she is.
(d) It is her favorite drink.

2. Which of the girls at the Amazon does Esther spend the most time with?
(a) Hilda
(b) Doreen
(c) Betsy
(d) Jay Cee

3. Why won't Esther let Doreen come into her room when she returns from Lenny's?
(a) She is angry at Doreen for not accompanying her on the long walk back to the hotel.
(b) She fears she will vomit on her bed.
(c) She fears she will never get rid of her again.
(d) She is angry at Doreen for waking her up.

4. What is keeping Esther from telling Buddy that she has no intention of marrying him?
(a) His illness
(b) Her commitment to the magazine
(c) He is attending medical school and she does not want to distract him.
(d) Fear of his mother's response

5. What does Jay Cee give Esther as she leaves for her lunch date with the two authors?
(a) A new dress.
(b) A sealed envelope.
(c) Some medication.
(d) A stack of manuscripts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Doreen vomit on the carpet of the hotel hallway?

2. Who helped foster Esther's appreciation for fine food?

3. What trait makes Esther admire Jay Cee?

4. Who is Philomena Guinea?

5. What does the Ladies' Day magazine staff send to the girls as gifts?

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