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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Esther like Doreen?
(a) She provides a smoking partner for Esther.
(b) She is wealthy.
(c) She is fashion conscious.
(d) She is witty and sarcastic.

2. Why is Esther afraid of taking chemistry?
(a) She does not like Mr. Manzi's teaching style.
(b) She does not want to take the lab requirement.
(c) She cannot stand reducing life to numbers and formulas.
(d) She does not think her brain can handle learning the periodic table.

3. Why does Esther order vodka at the bar?
(a) It is her favorite drink.
(b) She saw it in an ad and was attracted to its purity.
(c) She wants to get drunk as quickly as possible.
(d) She thinks it will convince Lenny and Frankie that she is older than she is.

4. Why does Esther feel depressed when she returns to the Amazon?
(a) It is smoky in her room.
(b) It is utterly silent in her room.
(c) She wishes she had gone to the magazine party instead of to Lenny's apartment.
(d) She feels abandoned by Doreen.

5. What national event is Esther concerned with as the book opens?
(a) The trial of the Rosenbergs
(b) The assassination of John F. Kennedy
(c) The bombing of Hiroshima
(d) The execution of the Rosenbergs

Short Answer Questions

1. What sorts of foods does Esther say she likes the best?

2. What does Esther do to help herself feel better after the botched night with Doreen and Lenny?

3. Who has Mrs. Willard promised to introduce Esther to in New York City?

4. What keeps Esther and Doreen from attending the magazine party?

5. What does Esther find outside of her door the morning after Doreen came home drunk?

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