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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who drives Ike and Boon to the railroad line?
(a) Major deSpain.
(b) Sam.
(c) Ash.
(d) General Compson.

2. How much money does Ike put into a bank account for Fornsiba?
(a) $10,000.
(b) $500.
(c) $100.
(d) $1,000.

3. How many old bullets do the men find in Old Ben?
(a) 117.
(b) 23.
(c) 10.
(d) 52.

4. General Compson describes Ike as _______________ due to his life experiences in the wilderness.
(a) A trapper.
(b) An old man.
(c) A nature boy.
(d) A hero.

5. Ike thinks God wants man to care for the earth and __________________.
(a) Not own it.
(b) Share it.
(c) Protect it.
(d) Harvest it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who goes to town with Boon?

2. What is the name of the sawmill with a commissary?

3. Who is the young man who shows up at age 21 looking for his inheritance?

4. Why do Boon and Ike miss the first train back?

5. For whom does Boon want to ride to get a doctor after Old Ben is killed?

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