The Bear Character Descriptions

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Ash - He is described in womanly terms and is relegated to tending to camp.

Hub Beauchamp - See Hubert Beauchamp.

Hubert Beauchamp - He promised someone a silver cup full of gold coins as an inheritance; however, he gradually replaced the coins and then the cup with IOUs.

Uncle Buck - See Theophilus McCaslin.

Uncle Buddy - See Amodeus McCaslin.

Cass - See McCaslin Edmonds.

General Compson - He respects another character for his woodsmanship and gives him his compass and his silver hunting horn.

Major deSpain - A former officer in the Civil War, he now works in a bank and eventually sells off most of the hunting grounds to a logging company.

McCaslin Edmonds - Cousin and guardian of another character, he attempts to convince his ward to accept his inheritance.

Sam Fathers - Because he is the descendant of both chiefs and...

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