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Diane Ackerman
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Antonina convince the German soldier was the cause of the fire at the barracks on the zoo grounds?

2. How did Jan say Antonina was able to convince the German soldier of how the fire at the barracks started?

3. Who sold his own house to purchase apartments to hide Jews in?

4. What did Himmler study before the war?

5. What was Janusz Korczak's real name?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Fox Man’s offer of a bookkeeping job so important to Maurycy Fraenkel?

2. What nearly ruined Jan’s plan to bring Lonia Tenenbaum out of the Ghetto?

3. How did the Jews respond to Himmler trying to liquidate the remaining Jews in the Ghetto in 1943?

4. Why do the Poles claim Janusz Korczak as a martyr?

5. In Janusz Korczak’s story about an astronomer named Zi who lived on the planet Ro, why did Zi consider destroying Earth?

6. Why were the boys hiding in the Pheasant House confused when Rys introduced himself?

7. Why was Rys the one usually chosen to deliver meals to Guests staying in animal enclosures?

8. How did Jan’s observations about animal behaviors help him in his Underground work?

9. What did Feliks Cywinski do periodically to hide the fact that he was rescuing Jews?

10. What did Antonina write in her journal that the author said was as close as she ever got to writing about being an orphan?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ackerman describes the zoo in detail before it is destroyed during the war, and also describes the damage that is done as a result of the war. Write an essay explaining the importance of the way in which Ackerman describes the zoo as the book begins and how the zoo changes as the story unfolds. How do the changes to the zoo affect the people who call it home?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay explaining how Ackerman uses the animal motif to explain the Nazi agenda of creating a master human race. Explain what the Nazi’s hoped to achieve and why and how Ackerman compares that to Lutz Heck’s goal of re-creating extinct species.

Essay Topic 3

When Maurycy is renamed Pawel (Paul), he gives the hamster a new name, Piotr (Peter), and says they will be like the disciples. Write an essay that explains what Maurycy means by this and what or who they will be disciples of.

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