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Diane Ackerman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the punishment for harboring a Jew?
(a) 20 years in prison.
(b) Public flogging.
(c) Death.
(d) An enormous fine.

2. What print did Antonina prefer for her clothing?
(a) Polka dots.
(b) Solid colors.
(c) Stripes.
(d) Checks.

3. Where in the zoo did the Germans build a weapons storehouse?
(a) The Pheasant House.
(b) The lions' island.
(c) The polar bear enclosure.
(d) In the basement of the villa.

4. What was Magdalena's profession?
(a) Painter.
(b) Professor.
(c) Sculptor.
(d) Teacher.

5. What were the racist laws that governed how much Jewish blood a person could have without being "tainted" called?
(a) The Nuremberg laws.
(b) Hitler's Edicts.
(c) The Himmler laws.
(d) The Aryan laws.

6. Who helped Jan to return to Warsaw during the initial battle?
(a) Adam Englert.
(b) Lutz Heck.
(c) Dr. Muller.
(d) Maurycy Fraenkel.

7. What happened to Morys?
(a) He was sold to buy food for the Guests.
(b) He was shot during Lutz Heck's shooting party.
(c) He died during the winter because of frigid temperatures.
(d) German soldiers took him away to be butchered.

8. What did Antonina send with Jan to deliver when he went into the Ghetto to collect scraps to feed the pigs?
(a) Packets of food.
(b) Books.
(c) Clothing donations.
(d) Letters.

9. Where did Ewa Brzuska (Granny) hide Jews who were on their way to other locations?
(a) In her barn.
(b) In her kitchen.
(c) In her lampshade shop.
(d) In her grocery store.

10. What responsibility did Antonina attend to each day at the zoo following her breakfast?
(a) Fed the elephants.
(b) Taught Rys his daily lessons.
(c) Greeted VIP visitors.
(d) Did the laundry.

11. Who divorced her husband and staged her disappearance because she was Jewish and he was not?
(a) Ewa Brzuska.
(b) Magdalena Gross.
(c) Irena Sendler.
(d) Wanda Englert.

12. Which of the following is an extinct animal that Lutz Heck hoped to re-create?
(a) Saber toothed cat.
(b) Mammoth.
(c) Tarpan.
(d) Giant sloth.

13. Who told Antonina that the Polish army was planning to surrender?
(a) Szymon Tenenbaum.
(b) Adam Englert.
(c) Maurycy Fraenkel.
(d) Magdalena Gross.

14. What symbol were Jews forced to wear to identify them as Jews?
(a) A picture of a rat.
(b) A cross.
(c) The letter J.
(d) The star of David.

15. What task did Antonina sometimes do in the middle of the night?
(a) Cleaning animal cages.
(b) Baking.
(c) Washing.
(d) Midwife a zoo animal.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Antonina heard that the Polish army was going to surrender, who delivered a message to the contrary?

2. What did Jan and Antonina do with the dead antelopes, deer, and horses after the initial attack on Warsaw?

3. What name did Jewish women with Aryan-sounding names have to change their names to?

4. Who ruled Warsaw after the surrender?

5. Why did Jan and Antonina think Lutz Heck might help them?

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