Objects & Places from The Zookeeper's Wife

Diane Ackerman
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Warsaw Zoo

This place was where Jan and Antonina worked before the war and where they hid Jewish people who were escaping the Nazis.


This was Jan and Antonina’s home where they lived and raised their children. Several Guests stayed there during the war while they were in hiding.

Lampshade Shop

This was where Antonina and Rys sought shelter in Warsaw when they were afraid to stay on an upper floor in the building because of the bombings.


This was an area of the city in which the Germans confined Jewish people.


This was Rys’s pet rabbit.


This object was used to warn the Guests when a stranger or a German arrived at the door, but was also used to entertain the family and the Guests in the evenings.

Country Home

This was where Antonina took Rys on vacation during the summer...

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