The Zookeeper's Wife Fun Activities

Diane Ackerman
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Plan a Zoo

Jan and Antonina put a lot of thought into the way their zoo was laid out, both for the enjoyment of the visitors and for the animals. Create a plan for how you would lay out your own zoo. Draw a schematic of your zoo showing which animals you would have at your zoo and where they would be placed. Remember to include amenities for the visitors, like bathrooms, a gift shop, and places to eat.

Sculpt an Animal

Magdalena Gross was inspired by the animals at the zoo to create sculptures that made her famous. Sculpt an animal out of clay.

Write an Animal Story

Ackerman included many stories about the animals who lived in the villa. Write a story about one of the pets you have had.

Draw the Villa

Ackerman describes the villa using a lot of detail. Using her descriptions, draw...

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