The Zookeeper's Wife Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Diane Ackerman
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Essay Topic 1

Ackerman writes about the location and history of Poland prior to World War II. Write an essay explaining why Poland’s location made it a target of the German army and how the history of Poland affected the way the people of Poland dealt with the war and the Holocaust.

Essay Topic 2

Ackerman describes the zoo in detail before it is destroyed during the war, and also describes the damage that is done as a result of the war. Write an essay explaining the importance of the way in which Ackerman describes the zoo as the book begins and how the zoo changes as the story unfolds. How do the changes to the zoo affect the people who call it home?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the animals that shared the Zabinskis’ home. Why does Ackerman write about them? What was their importance to the...

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