The Zookeeper's Wife Character Descriptions

Diane Ackerman
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Antonina Zabinski

This person is the protagonist of the story and took care of Guests who were brought to the zoo to hide from the Nazis.

Jan Zabinski

This person was the director of the Warsaw Zoo during World War II and was involved in the Underground’s efforts to rescue Jews.

Rys Zabinski

This person was the oldest of the protagonist’s children and helped deliver meals to people hiding at the zoo.

Theresa Zabinski

This person was the youngest child of the protagonist and was born during World War II.

Magdalena Gross

This person was a sculptor and a Guest at the villa.

Maurycy Fraenkel

This person was a lawyer who came to the villa in poor physical and mental condition.

Fox Man

This person ran the fur farm that was set up at the zoo during the war.

Lutz Heck

This person was a Nazi and...

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