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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was a female zombie victim found in California in 1992?
(a) Yosemite National Forest.
(b) The Redwood Tree Park.
(c) Hollywood Hills.
(d) Joshua Tree National Monument.

2. What is appealing about placing a new colony on an island?
(a) Zombies cannot swim.
(b) They are dry and hot.
(c) They have lots of natural resources.
(d) They are hard to get to.

3. What was the army of 3,000 sent to fight in Scotland?
(a) An army of the insane.
(b) Zombie leaders.
(c) She Devils.
(d) Voodoo masters.

4. What causes swamps to be so dangerous to hunt zombies in?
(a) Snakes and other critters.
(b) Boggy areas.
(c) Shallow waters.
(d) Low visibility.

5. What do zombies attack in Khotan, China?
(a) The royal embassy.
(b) A nuclear power plant.
(c) A factory.
(d) A farming village.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of these skills will be most important when starting over in a zombie world?

2. Where should one sleep when escaping through the city?

3. What should surround an island should you choose to place your colony there?

4. What is Simon arrested for?

5. What is essential for going on a search and destroy mission for zombies?

Short Essay Questions

1. How can one protect oneself when fighting zombies in a hilly area?

2. What happens at a Siberian prison concerning zombies, and how is this event covered up?

3. What does Jan Vanderhaven discover?

4. Why should people never enter the sewers when escaping from a zombie attack?

5. What should each person in a group carry with them when hunting zombies?

6. What should be done after the danger of zombies has finally passed?

7. How did Dr. Ibrahim find most of his information about zombies?

8. What is the best kind of water vehicle to use for escape?

9. What should a group in a new area continue to do once their new colony is established?

10. How does Obdeillah die?

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