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Max Brooks
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who creates voodoo zombies?
(a) African sorcerers.
(b) Slave owners.
(c) Voodoo priests.
(d) Evil kings.

2. What do bullet-proof vests protect against in a zombie fight?
(a) Friendly fire.
(b) Fire and flames.
(c) Bites.
(d) Falling from high levels.

3. What are commonly blocked during zombie attacks?
(a) Highways.
(b) Dirt paths.
(c) Roads.
(d) Waterways.

4. What is the best weapon in close combat?
(a) Hammers.
(b) Crossbows.
(c) Hatchets.
(d) Swords.

5. Why are machine guns hard to use to kill zombies?
(a) They are loud.
(b) They use too much ammunition.
(c) They don't aim well.
(d) They do not use large enough bullets.

6. How high should a fence be to protect against a Class 1 attack?
(a) 20 feet.
(b) 12 feet.
(c) 10 feet.
(d) 15 feet.

7. How long is the best small weapon for killing zombies?
(a) 7 feet.
(b) 4 feet.
(c) 7 inches.
(d) 24 inches.

8. What makes prisons a good place to hide from zombies?
(a) The lights and alarms.
(b) The prisoners.
(c) The cell blocks.
(d) The high outerwalls.

9. How wide is the space involved in a minor scale zombie attack?
(a) 10 miles.
(b) 5 miles.
(c) 20 miles.
(d) 2 miles.

10. How often is Solanum infection fatal?
(a) 85%.
(b) 95%.
(c) 100%.
(d) 75%.

11. What does the author say one must do after choosing a weapon?
(a) Get more than one.
(b) Find a way to hide it.
(c) Learn to fight against other weapons.
(d) Get training in it.

12. How long does a large scale zombie outbreak last?
(a) A few years.
(b) A few months.
(c) A few days.
(d) A few weeks.

13. What is the risk of starting a fire to ward off zombies?
(a) It is usually illegal.
(b) The smoke of zombie flesh is poisonous.
(c) It will attract the zombies.
(d) It will spread.

14. Why is armor a bad idea to wear when fighting zombies?
(a) It is loud.
(b) It makes one more vulnerable.
(c) It is shiny.
(d) It slows you down.

15. What kind of clothes should one wear when fighting zombies?
(a) Warm and durable.
(b) Athletic wear.
(c) Tight-fitting clothing.
(d) Loose and light clothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does a zombie not need to survive?

2. What kind of combat is unwise with zombies?

3. How long does it take a zombie victim to lose muscle control?

4. What environments are unhealthy for zombies?

5. What bodily function can zombies not complete?

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