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Max Brooks
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This is the virus that infects humans and turns them into zombies.

Trench Spikes

This is a seven-inch weapon attached to brass knuckles, and is a useful tool for piercing zombies' skulls.

Shaolin Spades

This is a staff with a blade on each end, useful in decapitating zombies from a distance.

M1 Garand

This is a solid semiautomatic rifle with a bayonet for close combat. However, this weapon requires discipline not to waste ammunition.

Tight-Fitting Clothing and Short Hair

These prevent zombies from being able to grab onto you during a fight.


In the case of a large, extended zombie attack, a self-sufficient and secure location of this nature will be necessary for survival.

The Lawson Film

An 8mm home video chronicles the attempt of five people to escape a zombie attack in Montana.

Katanda, Central Africa

This is the location of the oldest suspected zombie...

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