The Zombie Survival Guide Character Descriptions

Max Brooks
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The Author/Narrator

This person uses his fictionalized guise as a zombie expert to impart knowledge and advice to the reader.


These are people who have died of a viral disease called Solanum.

Dr. Jan Vanderhaven

This person discovers and names the virus Solanum, which infects humans and causes them to become undead creatures.

Yahya Bey

This person is the only survivor of his town when it is attacked late at night.

Sextus Sempronios Tubero

This person is a Roman merchant who discovers that decapitation kills the undead creatures.

Marcus Lucius Terentius

This person is a Roman commander who successfully destroys 9,000 undead creatures with 480 men through calm, strategic planning.

Dr. Ibrahim Obeidallah

This is a Middle Eastern doctor who studies the physiology of victims of Solanum.

Gunnbjorn Lundergaart

This person creates a colony in Greenland in 1253, and when he returns he finds all the inhabitants dead and...

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