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Max Brooks
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Introduction and The Undead: Myths and Realities: Solanum: The Virus

• The method by which the Solanum Virus works is explained. Solanum was discovered by Jan Vanderhaven.

• There is no immunization for Solanum because any form of it would be just as fatal as the virus. There are no treatments.

• Solanum is passed by bites or other exchanges of fluids. Cutting off the infected limb is effective 10% of the time.
• During the first hour after infection, the wound becomes painful, discolored and clotted. After five hours, the person has a fever, chills, painful joints, vomiting and dementia.

• After eight hours, fever and dementia increase, and there is numbness and loss of muscle control. After eleven hours, the body is numb and paralyzed with a slow heart rate.

• The person lapses into a coma at sixteen hours, and the heart stops after twenty hours. After twenty-three hours, the person reanimates...

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