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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator initially want to do with a rope?

2. The narrator believes that the wallpaper has a(n) _________.

3. Jennie says what stains all of their clothing?

4. The narrator begs John to _______:

5. Who is the housekeeper?

Short Essay Questions

1. The narrator considers burning the house down to “reach the smell.” What does this say about her condition?

2. Who does John tell the narrator is the only person who can truly help her out of her sickness?

3. What is the wallpaper’s odor a metaphor for?

4. Why does John refuse to repaper the nursery after initially agreeing?

5. What major life event has the narrator just endured?

6. How has the major life event that the narrator recently endured affected her mental health?

7. What does this quote suggest: “It is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as I please.”

8. Who does the narrator believe she has become by the end of the story?

9. How is the narrator’s behavior changing because of her obsession?

10. Why have the narrator and her husband rented the summer house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe John’s character. Does he change? Is John a round or flat character? Static or dynamic?

Essay Topic 2

Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote this story in 1887, after suffering from depression. A doctor had instructed her to rest and not work, which she believed made her condition much worse. She wrote The Yellow Wallpaper as a way to speak out against the common treatment of what was then called "nervous conditions." The extreme rest therapy that John forces on the narrator gives an interesting look at the treatment of mental illness in the late 19th Century. How is postpartum depression viewed today compared to Gilman’s representation in 1887?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator has been prescribed strict rest, which prohibits her from reading or writing. Why does she choose to do so anyway? Why does writing bring her comfort?

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