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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator think is happening to the wallpaper pattern at night?
(a) It is peeling itself off of the wall
(b) It is humming
(c) It is shaking
(d) It is talking to her

2. What does the narrator say she watches always?
(a) The window
(b) The television
(c) The wallpaper
(d) The baby

3. What does the narrator “securely fasten” herself with?
(a) The bed sheets
(b) The drapery
(c) A rope
(d) Restrictive clothing

4. What does the housekeeper think has made the narrator sick?
(a) Lyme disease
(b) Reading
(c) Childbirth
(d) Writing

5. Who does John ask to give a report about the narrator’s wellbeing?
(a) Jennie
(b) Mary
(c) Weir Mitchell
(d) The narrator

6. What is the illness that the narrator is suffering from?
(a) Severe loneliness
(b) Schizophrenia
(c) Post-partum depression
(d) Bi-polar disorder

7. What is the narrator’s husband’s name?
(a) Max
(b) John
(c) William
(d) Thomas

8. Which room does the narrator’s husband choose for her room?
(a) A guest apartment suite
(b) The parlor
(c) The nursery
(d) A screened-in porch

9. What does John make the narrator drink as a cure?
(a) Cod liver oil
(b) Milk
(c) Water
(d) Green tea

10. What does the moonlight illuminate on the wallpaper?
(a) Bars
(b) Honeycombs
(c) Roast beef
(d) Knives

11. In the last paragraph, what does the narrator do?
(a) Leave the room and walk out into the dark night
(b) Call for help
(c) Cry
(d) Walk over John who is in her path

12. Who is the author of The Yellow Wallpaper?
(a) Charlotte Perkins Gilman
(b) Barbara Kingsolver
(c) Jane Austen
(d) Emily Bronte

13. The narrator follows what/whom?
(a) The wallpaper’s pattern around the room
(b) John around the gardens
(c) Her son around the house
(d) A horse in the field

14. What does the narrator think about doing to the house “to reach the smell”?
(a) Burn the house down
(b) Wash all of the surfaces with ammonia
(c) Re-paint the house
(d) Re-furnishing the house

15. In the first section, why does the protagonist’s narration suddenly end?
(a) She is out of paper
(b) She has nothing else to say
(c) She falls asleep
(d) Her husband is coming

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the profession of the narrator’s husband?

2. Why does the narrator stop looking out the windows?

3. How long is John gone for toward the end of the story?

4. When does the narrator think the woman in the wallpaper gets out?

5. What does the narrator believe cultivates deceit?

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