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Lesson 1 (from The Yellow Wallpaper)


Students will research what was happening in America in 1862 to better understand the social context of the novella, The Yellow Wallpaper.


Class Discussion: Explain to the students that the novella is set in 1862 in a summer country house in the eastern United States. Ask students to brainstorm what major events in history happened this year and the years preceding 1862.

Activity: Provide time and resources for students to conduct research on the major events in history in 1862.

Assignment: After students have gathered research on what was happening in 1862, have them share their information in groups of 3 - 4. As a class, have one person from each group list the major events that were happening onto the chalk or white board.

Homework: From the events researched in 1862, have students brainstorm what they think life was like for poor people, rich people, men and then women living in 1862. Have...

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