The Yellow Wallpaper Fun Activities

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Obituary of the Unnamed Narrator

Choose a character from the novel and write his/her obituary.

Draw The Wallpaper

Using the descriptions of the wallpaper in the text, illustrate a picture.

Character Outlines

Trace a student on butcher paper and make life size cutouts of the characters. Put quotes on the inside of the outline for internal actions, thoughts and feelings. Put quotations on the outside of the character that represent external forces on the character, like time period, setting, other characters expectations, etc.

Plot Charades

In small groups have students act out major plot points and then have the other students guess.

Newspaper Article

Write a fictional newspaper article that would have appeared in a paper in 1862.

Alternate Ending

Write an alternate ending for the story.

John’s Diary

Write a diary entry from John’s perspective.

The Twilight Zone Viewing

As a class, watch the 1989 Twilight...

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