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Essay Topic 1

The narrator describes John as “practical in the extreme” in the opening pages—how is this demonstrated throughout the story?

Essay Topic 2

Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote this story in 1887, after suffering from depression. A doctor had instructed her to rest and not work, which she believed made her condition much worse. She wrote The Yellow Wallpaper as a way to speak out against the common treatment of what was then called "nervous conditions." The extreme rest therapy that John forces on the narrator gives an interesting look at the treatment of mental illness in the late 19th Century. How is postpartum depression viewed today compared to Gilman’s representation in 1887?

Essay Topic 3

Why does the narrator remain unnamed in the story? What does this symbolize?

Essay Topic 4

As the story progresses, the narrator acts more and more like a child. What actions support this statement? How...

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